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1.A disorder where "suffers" have nothing at all in common with each other - all "syptoms" are normal personality traits that everyone has at least one of.
2. Like a lot of "Mental Illnesses", this one has been discovered/invented in the last 10 years or so.

Don't get me wrong, a real mental illnes is a horrible thing to have. By a real one, I mean something like Paranoid Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, or Major Depressive Disorder. However, more "Mental Illnesses" have been discovered/invented in the last 15 years than in the last 1000.

This is because of society's growing complacency towards high-energy snack products, caffeine-containing drinks, and idiotic television propaganda telling you what you should eat and drink and buy and do. As a result of this complacency, many people in society (especially children, as they are more susceptible to this sort of treatment) are now acting a lot differently to how people acted several decades ago.

As a result of this change in personality, more and more "Mental Illnesses" are being discovered/invented every year. Neurotypicality is just another case of corporate-paid doctors inventing a syndrome. Why? So that parents can have an excuse as to why their kids behave so bad, instead of just admitting that their children have been subjected to too much of society's propaganda.

Neurotypicality: you don't have it, you're just badly-behaved.

((I don't really have an example for the word neurotypicality))
And before anyone clicks that little thumbs down button, just stop and think. Don't like the way I'm describing neurotypicals?
It's the same way that's been used to describe those on the autistic spectrum.
Just think about that point before rating this definition.
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 09, 2006
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The key to British humour. I think that's why Americans fail to see why we keep laughing at British comedy shows and stuff when they don't get it.
Hard to come up with an example for the word 'subtle'
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 23, 2006
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hirple = to walk with a limp.

Pronounced to rhyme with 'purple' thereby denouncing the myth that nothing rhymes with purple
Matthew (Matthew is one of my roleplay characters) hirpled over to Bob.
by Walking Talking Dictionary April 29, 2007
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A severely racist slur for cardassians. The term 'spoonhead' is MUCH milder. Please do not utter either in front of a cardassian unless you are an EXTREMELY skilled fighter.
The term 'cardie' is equalivent to whatever strongly offensive term for races, you care to mention
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 24, 2006
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An execessively stingy person.
An excesselively miserly person.
Despite common opinion, it does not refer to people with darker skin.
In fact the most well-known niggard was/is white!
Scrooge, from a Christmas carol, is a niggard and therefore niggardly.
by Walking Talking Dictionary January 06, 2007
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A Star Trek alien species native to Cardassia Prime.
Gul Dukat is a cardassian
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 25, 2006
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Like writer's block but when you're roleplaying.
Often preceded by an apology
<Insert other person's paragraph>
Tom stared out the window. ((Sorry, brain strike))
by Walking Talking Dictionary February 05, 2007
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