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You will be able to beat up your foamers which are foaming and going crazy
I saw you foaming earlier when Beat up foamers day happens i will beat you up
by Vtuu November 29, 2021
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A former class 1 railroad in the West & midwest around the US with it famous "Southern Pacific daylight passenger trains" and colorful freight locomotives it been acquired by the union Pacific in 1996 following by the BN/ATSF merger in 1995
Southern Pacific rolls on
by Vtuu February 1, 2021
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some Midwest railroad that has vintage steam locomotive yellow dark locomotives and a famous passenger train called southwest chief 1864-1995 merged to the Burlington Northern because of UP taking over the west states
by Vtuu February 5, 2021
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Consolidationed railroad 1976-1999
by Vtuu February 5, 2021
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Some railroad that ripoffed Norfolk & western with there (high hoods) locomotives always runs there trains with 0 visibility for the crew then blame the crews fault when they pass a red signal
by Vtuu January 28, 2021
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One of the oldest shortline railroads in the US the Aberdeen and rockfish railroad was formed in 1892 for lumber service around Aberdeen NC and later expanded to rockfish NC and fayetteville NC the railroad interchanges with CSX NS & ACWR and currently has 34 miles of track and uses 5 Locomotives one of them still in service sense the 1950s "the road of personal service"
When is the A&R gonna run so I can see them at Ashley heights NC
by Vtuu March 12, 2021
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People who like motor vehicles than any other mode of transportation purposefully breaks the law because they want to how fast there cars are
Car fans
by Vtuu January 20, 2021
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