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A kid-friendly word for male ejaculate procured through masturbatory efforts.
Person one: "I like to wibble the wubby and make my happy slappy jam."

Person two: "The fuck did you just say in front of my child?"
by Vorshack July 06, 2020
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An 'edgy', delusional version of the basic bitch. "Live, laugh, love" posters are replaced with snarky t-shirts proclaiming her basic badness. Thinks her impulsive decision to by a cheetah print crotch-rocket is somehow less transparent than a middle-aged dude suddenly deciding he's a Harley guy.
by Vorshack April 13, 2019
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A distinct and frequently overlooked cultural micro-generation that exists between Gen-X and Millennial. Those who qualify were typically born between '78 and '84 and experienced most of their middle and high school years, or essentially 'came of age', during the 90's while being immersed in the youth culture of the time.
"I was born in '90-something, I'm such a 90's kid."

"Not exactly, though I understand why you might be confused. You see, 'kid' is a rather open ended term . . . "

"Ugh, stop gate-keeping Rocco's Modern Life"

"I'm not. Everyone can like Rocco's Modern Life. However, considering I'm usually grouped in with Millennials or Gen-Xers, I don't appreciate my generational moniker being hi-jacked by someone because they think it's a cool thing to be able to call themselves. The term 90's kid was used, both by us and to describe us, well before Reddit or Urban dictionary even existed. We were here first, it's ours, you can't have it."

"Umm, do you even know what 'kid' means?"

"Yes, I already . . . do you need me to spell it out? 'Kid' doesn't necessarily mean 'child'. Hell, even 'child' doesn't necessarily mean child. The flower children of the 60's were teenagers, I refuse to believe this has to be explained to you."

"Lalalalala, I can't hear you, cuz I'm such a 90's kiiiiid."

"sigh* . . . . . . fucking Millennials."

-A rough transcription of a conversation I had a few years ago.
by Vorshack August 10, 2020
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Short for Jailbait Vacation. To travel somewhere with a lower than average age of consent with the singular purpose of having sex that would normally get you arrested. A bit of consensual, guilt free fun without the jail time.
"So did you hear that 16 is legal in Arkansas?"
"Seriously? I thought you had to go to Japan for that sort of thing."
"No sir, it's all right here in America. I think it's about time we took a Jaybay Vaycay and fucked some high school girls."
by Vorshack June 02, 2018
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