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NULL - n., adj. - signifying the absance of data. Things such as character strings, and various types of numeric values can be described as "NULL" when they contain no data. (shadow:light::NULL:data)
<faceprint> we returned js->roomlist without setting it, so it was NULL

(In C++:
void function()
int variable;

'variable' would have a value of NULL until it is initialized, and 'function' would return NULL because it was created with a 'void' data type.)

"Your sister is soooo stupid, it's like she's NULL between the ears..."
by Vorondil September 18, 2004

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v. - the act of being submitted to a ruthless, or otherwise cruel use of the English language. This is generally experienced by unsuspecting students of Cisco Systems' Networking Accademy who are reading the online or hard Cisco curriculum materials. Thus the terms: "CiscOwned" or "CiscOwnage"
<Cisco> "Routers use routing protocols to exchange routing tables and share routing information. In other words, routing protocols enable routers to route routed protocols." (CCNA 1, 10.2.3)
<Student> ...i want to die.
by Vorondil December 03, 2004

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n. - a database containing user submitted quotes (often humorous) from IRC and IM conversations, and is publicly accessible through a simple web-based interface.
<IRCer> is bash.org that quote database i've heard so much about?
<Vorondil> You mean the silly fucktards that rejected quotes: #359068, #359085, #359083, #364104, #365627, #366462, #366465, #366465, #369809, #371081, #371335, #375885, #375887, #376619, #376473, #382661, #382677, #382681, #384139, #386314, #393896, #394091,
#394097, and #394760?
<IRCer> yeah. them.
<Vorondil> yeah
by Vorondil September 07, 2004

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n. - an open source IRC client originally for Linux. Based on gtk+, it is easily ported to Windows. Unfortunately, it's developers decided to make the Windows version shareware. For those familiar with the GNU Public License (GPL), this is less than kosher.
xChat: Sorry, this version of xChat has expired, please click here to register."
Unsuspecting Windows User: WTF!?!?
by Vorondil November 12, 2004

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n. - A Fortune 500 company that engineers, and manufactures internetworking solutions (i.e. - Routers, Switches, Access Servers, etc'). By developing highly functional, configurable, and scaleable hardware and software, The Internet is run nearly exclusively by Cisco Systems equipment. However, due to inadequate competition, knowing how to configure alternative networking equipment (i.e. - Baystack) is of little use in the job market. With this in mind, Cisco introduced the Cisco Networking Academy in which students learn the basics of computer networking all the way up to advanced WAN configuration. Using this Vertical Integration model, Cisco has virtually clenched it's monopoly in it's sector of the IT industry.
Step-1: Design new Router
Step-2: Educate IT professionals on configuring said Router.
Step-3: Require said professionals to re-certify every three years.
Step-4: During re-certification period, design new Router.

Repeat Steps 2-4 until world domination is achieved.

See Also: Catch 22, CiscOwned, and Cisco-Green
by Vorondil December 03, 2004

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1) adj. - The color that Cisco Systems makes all of it's rack mount-able networking equipment. Darker than Seafoam, but lighter than Hunter.
2) n. - The amount of income one brings in as a result of a Cisco Systems certification.
<Fly-Ass_Mofo_1> Man, I want a cisco-green suit...
<Fly-Ass_Mofo_2> Dude, that'd be Awesome in a Can!

<Rich-Ass_Mofo> w00t! I just passed my CCIE!
<Poor-Ass_Mofo> Bro, you gotta gimme a piece o' that cisco-green...
by Vorondil December 03, 2004

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n. - A word describing some ambiguous object. Often used in place of "Whatchamacallit," or "Thingamabob."
"I'd rather have a separate burner than an all in one majigabob."
by Vorondil December 10, 2004

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