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A site with a examples of people making complete asses of themselves on IRC or while instant messaging.
"I have man bitches"
"er...many bitches..."
"Dude, that's going in"
by NeoChaos November 11, 2003
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A database of IRC/Instant Messenger quotes. Other quote databases exist, but none are as popular. Criticized for the sheer amount of crappy quotes. Also criticized for the constantly large amount of pending quotes.

As of today, there are 18026 quotes approved and 11019 quotes pending.
How to get into the quote database, as told by a quote inside the database itself:

<Nubbers> Is there any listing of the criteria for a bash quote, anyway? Or should I just make a joke combining masturbation, child pornography, racism, and dungeons and dragons...
<Edible> If it has "" or "nigger" in it, it'll get in. Watch.
<Edible> Hey, so nigger I nigger with nigger to nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.
by Madvillainous June 04, 2005
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n. - a database containing user submitted quotes (often humorous) from IRC and IM conversations, and is publicly accessible through a simple web-based interface.
<IRCer> is that quote database i've heard so much about?
<Vorondil> You mean the silly fucktards that rejected quotes: #359068, #359085, #359083, #364104, #365627, #366462, #366465, #366465, #369809, #371081, #371335, #375885, #375887, #376619, #376473, #382661, #382677, #382681, #384139, #386314, #393896, #394091,
#394097, and #394760?
<IRCer> yeah. them.
<Vorondil> yeah
by Vorondil September 07, 2004
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n. Also known as "QDB" or "Quote Database," this is a very popular site listing quotes from IRC and IM conversations. Often the humor stems from someone making a typo, such as "Peking Dick FTW...wait, I mean Peking Duck!" is also the site partially responsible for making such 'Net users as bloodninja into Internet celebrities, due to their hilarious trolling efforts. Best read late at night with friends, after consuming large amounts of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.
Nutshell_dude: So, I'm drinking Cock right now.
MadManCurie: Oh shit! That's going on!
Nutshell_dude: No, wait! I meant Coke! Fuck you.
by DireClown June 17, 2011
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