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n. - A Fortune 500 company that engineers, and manufactures internetworking solutions (i.e. - Routers, Switches, Access Servers, etc'). By developing highly functional, configurable, and scaleable hardware and software, The Internet is run nearly exclusively by Cisco Systems equipment. However, due to inadequate competition, knowing how to configure alternative networking equipment (i.e. - Baystack) is of little use in the job market. With this in mind, Cisco introduced the Cisco Networking Academy in which students learn the basics of computer networking all the way up to advanced WAN configuration. Using this Vertical Integration model, Cisco has virtually clenched it's monopoly in it's sector of the IT industry.
Step-1: Design new Router
Step-2: Educate IT professionals on configuring said Router.
Step-3: Require said professionals to re-certify every three years.
Step-4: During re-certification period, design new Router.

Repeat Steps 2-4 until world domination is achieved.

See Also: Catch 22, CiscOwned, and Cisco-Green
by Vorondil December 03, 2004
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