A girl not to be messed with. She will not hesitate to smack you if you do anything wrong, and if you upset her, be ready to pay for it. A smart girl who can answer any question you throw at her. A pretty girl who is kind to her friends but gives you the cold shoulder if you do anything wrong. Got bullied between grades 3-5 for being super intelligent. Is smart enough to figure it out on her own.
Dang! How is Neela so SMART?!
by Catnip District 12 January 8, 2019
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Shes a loyal best friend and would never leave ur side shes nice,and cute
by Lover54 October 12, 2019
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Colour of the sea; aqua blue; beautiful girl
Wow the ocean is Neela
by Bethro June 9, 2008
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The sexiest, sweetest and most intelligent girl one will ever meet.
Damnn, I wish that Neela was mine!
by hotstuff2121 September 26, 2011
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Neela is a girl that is that kind of girl that will be nice from the start but she observes every part of you. You may think she's dumb or pyshco but she has a point to do so she gives people good advise she's beautiful but doesn't really appreciate her own beauty shes humble she's always there to back people when the other is in the wrong if she's involved she has a resting bitch face but the most kind girl until she snaps and u get on her bad side she will blast you and start stating true facts that may lead you to Ending your life but will apologise because she wasn't raised like that and when fighting comes and someone does something to her she will strangle the person and step and spit in there face she doesn't ramp but she trys to hide all her anger by trying to egnore realist on the team
I actually wanna be freinds with Neela she seems soo chill
by 123ghydhjh September 30, 2018
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Neela!, crazy, amazing, and kind of hilarious. She will make weird voices but you love her for it. She is kind, pretty, and really smart. She has amazing hair, and very athletic, also has random talents. Be best friends with a Neela!
There’s a new girl in school named Neela! I wanna be best friends with her.
by Theaterkid09 May 14, 2021
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the MEAN sister of Derek Gerard and is very famous for Derek Using her for 4 weeks for views with the sex appeal effect and also she said "your fans are WEIRD!" so the comments must be doing SOMETHING
She acts like a Neela Maria
by ghghghghghhghghgh September 2, 2018
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