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A sarcastic response to sarcasm, double sarcasm is highly deceptive. Through double sarcasm, it appears that you did not realize that the person was being sarcastic, whereas we both know that you were fully aware of it. In fact, you have to be aware of it in order to count as double sarcasm. Unlike sarcasm, which often utilizes a sarcastic tone, double sarcasm is highly deceptive and utilizes no such tone. The objective is to pretend to miss the original sarcasm and respond seriously. In essence, double sarcasm is the truth disguised by the veil of false ignorance.
Billy: I can't wait to pull hella tail now that I got this advice!! (original sarcasm)

You: No. His advice was terrible. (double sarcasm)

Billy: No. Your sarcasmdar is broken.

You: Double Sarcasm strikes again!
by Violent Milk February 25, 2010

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One who is a step above obsession with pornography.
Hung is a pornmonkey.
by violent milk February 14, 2007

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A Russian word for a female horse, often used to refer to fat and/or ugly chicks. Emphasis may be placed on the pronunciation to make it sound like K-A-A-A-B-I-I-I-L-A-A.
Ewww, Eva is such a Kabila.
by violent milk October 19, 2008

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(n) The glorious act of blowing your majestic load into someone's face in subzero temperatures and having it freeze.

The recipient's mouth will be open wide as with all unsuspecting facials and after the "frosting," the rest of the face will be covered as well; minus the eyes, should they have the sense to close them, of course. The final product will look like a white ski mask.

Keep in mind that man-spunk is hot, so it will not freeze immediately. It will take some time. Tie victim up as necessary under the guise of it being "kinky."
Ashley was being annoying as hell, so I took her outside the cabin and gave her a good ole Russian Ski Mask.

That shut 'er up.
by Violent Milk July 29, 2010

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Leaving a duke (poop, turd, feces, etc) in a urinal.
Description of The Mackey Special:

Mr. Mackey: Oh, ya think that's funny, huh? Let me assure you, there is nothing funny about going up to a nice, clean, unsuspecting urinal, m'kay, dropping your pants, then turning around, squatting over that urinal, m'kay, maybe, maybe, pulling your butt cheeks apart with your hands, m'kay, and then laying out a big fudge dragon for all the world to see.
by Violent Milk July 05, 2011

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