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Any of the drama that you hear about on the news, or read in the papers relating to the President(ial Candidate) Barack Obama.
Man, I caught some of the Obama Drama on the news last night. It's getting ridiculous now.
by Vinuash August 14, 2007
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In Call of Duty, there is a mode called Prestige mode, on the Tenth Prestige, you gain a symbol, which is a golden cross. Black Crosses are the players who, even though spending days of their lives on the game, are still not good at it, despite being a Gold Cross.
Guy 1: That guy was destroyed on Search yesterday.
Guy 2: Yeah, he must have been a Black Cross.
by Vinuash July 19, 2008
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A girl who goes on the internet and attempts to 'pimp' the guys she meets on the internet chat rooms.
Guy 1:"Dude, did you hear that girl talking about all the guys she has as her internet 'boyfriends'?"

Guy 2:"Yeah man, she is such a whorerer."
by Vinuash November 22, 2005
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When throwing up into a toilet bowl, the contents of your puke hits the side of the bowl, causing it to look like a tornado of sorts as it swirls down into the water. Hence the name hurlnado.
Man 1: "I had a huge hurlnado after eating all that junkfood yesterday."
Man 2: "Yeah, I know how that feels."
by Vinuash January 04, 2006
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A person of asian descent who lives in Canada, or is a Canadian citizen.
Guy 1: "Did you meet the hot Canasian girl I told you about?
Guy 2: "Yeah man, she is as hot as you said."
by Vinuash November 23, 2005
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