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A ceremonial and sacred evening during which many chicken wings will be eaten by a gathering of gluttonous friends. Each step of the preparation and consumption of the wings is carefully orchestrated and held holy. Deviation from tradition (i.e. inviting your girlfriend, not eating til breathing is difficult, leaving early, not toasting the first wing, not getting everyone a beer when you get up, bringing non-wing food to the gathering, de-winging during the meal) is strictly and violently forbidden.

The only consumables other than chicken wings welcome at wing night are blue cheese dressing, celery stalks, and beer - lots and lots of beer.
tonight there will be a wing night. god be praised, tonight will be a glorious night. god i can't wait for tonight, since tonight's wing night. tomorrow i'm not looking forward to as much, but it's worth it.
by Viktor II August 22, 2007
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One who uses Gmail's in-browser chat program frequently. A Gchatter is likely to be up there on your friend's list with the green ready-to-chat light all day long. Sometimes you wonder if this person does any work at all - but then you see the light turn yellow. But maybe they're just off bowling a strike.
are you a Gchatter? we should kill time together at work gchatting about nothing!
by Viktor II August 22, 2007
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In internet chatting, stands for "be back after i bowl". See also bowling a strike.
Gchatter 1: bbaib
Gchatter 2: best of luck, pal.
by Viktor II August 22, 2007
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To take a shit. See also Bowling a Strike. In general, after Bowling, it is proper to report to your friends how it went using a scale of 0-10, with one decimal spot.
Person 1: what's up?
Person 2: just bowled.
Person 1: yeah? nice! and?
Person 2: 8.3.
Person 1: fuck yeah, man!
Person 2: thanks.

Gchatter 1: gotta bowl.
Gchatter 2: me too.
Gchatter 1: may you bowl a perfect 10.
Gchatter 2: you too!
by Viktor II August 22, 2007
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a purveyor of unacceptably annoying acts, usually due to sheer incompetence rather than maliciousness; one who is irritating, frustrating, dweebtastic, or otherwise mock-worthy.
it took the guy at the sandwich shop 20 minutes to make my sandwich- what an assmunch. it still tasted good though, but c'mon, 20 minutes? fuck that.
by Viktor II August 23, 2007
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Taking a shit and taking it well. Bowling a Strike means you had a really fantastic shit, and it is an occasion to be celebrated among friends, preferably over an Instant Messaging program, while bored at work. See also bowl.
Gchatter 1: hey, i gotta go bowl.
Gchatter 2: good luck!
Gchatter 1: thanks man, i need it after last night's shenanigans.
Gchatter 2: well?
Gchatter 1: i bowled a strike.
Gchatter 2: fantastic news!

Person 1: where were you?
Person 2: bowling a strike.
Person 1: i'm jealous.

by Viktor II August 22, 2007
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A person whose worth is debatable; they do not detract, per say, from the world's average awesomeness, but they definitely do not contribute. A lamey is known to say boring things- again, not malicious or stupid, but certainly not beneficial or insightful. A lamey is regarded as filler, a space consumer, and should generally be avoided if you wish to have an interesting time. See also: Lamey McLamester.
by Viktor II August 23, 2007
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