115 definition by Victor Van Styn

'automatic fucking machine', as applying to {someone}
He may seem as one mannly fuck-o-matic, but never will he match me in love-making skills.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005

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Used for emphasizing one's ‘notcaringness’ to another's being\self or statement, or to point out irrelavance in a statement.

Invariably followed by a question-mark{?}.
“I ate a pickle today,”

by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005

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short for ‘politcally correct’; spelled in the lowercase except under unusual circumstance, and may or may not be seperated by periods {pc\p.c.}.
I am not the only one to find it sickeningly preposterous how many ignorant kids these days will buy immediately into this pc bs found in their middle-school and even high-school textbooks incorporating hackneyed elementary phrases which their teachers do continue to teach as proven fact to their lied-to pupils, including such phrases as "In lands controlled by Muslims, the Muslims were required to show tolerance for the religious practices of Jews and Christians."--excerption from p.15{Prologue,Section2} of 'Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction' published by McDougal Littell ©copyright C.E.2005.(Have you actually read what the Qu'ran\Koran states for yourself or seen any of the commonplace bombing which takes place on a daily basis in the boundary-disputed Middle East over just that?)
by Victor Van Styn October 01, 2005

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the cool{no, not ‘kool’ or the sickening ‘kewl’} way to spell ‘screwed’, as well as how ’twas korrectly spelled in Old English (what with its Germanic routes). The letter ‘c’ should be reserved more for an ‘s’ sound (as in ‘Cici's Pizza’, proper-noun ‘Scion’, as well as when in concert with another letter to denote a new sound all its own: ‘bitch’, ‘charge’, ‘chagrin’, and German ‘ich’ or the proper-noun ‘Loch Ness Monster’).

See also: screwed, skrew, screw
Yep, you’re pretty-much skrewed alright, I’m ’fraid to confirm.
by Victor Van Styn August 22, 2005

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part of speach: adverb


See also “I second that.
"Yes, I agree with you 100%ly on that."
by Victor Van Styn August 02, 2005

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like elsewhere but applying to:
What have you been doing the six weeks while I was away, skydiving?

Naah.. I’ve been busy with elsewhat lately...
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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can be pronounced in different ways depending on the letter{s} preceding it.

Compare with too\two\2\to\too\tu-tu\‘tew’; note different pronounciations of consonant ‘J’.

See also: -augh.


through{‘thru’, ‘threw’};


cough{‘koff’} --compare with pronounciation of qoph{‘kawf’};


(et cetera ..)
by Victor Van Styn August 27, 2005

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