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The name given to human society in a post Covid-19 world.
In the Coronaverse, every un-muffled cough or sneeze causes anxiety for those nearby that hear it.
by Vergelimbo March 18, 2020
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The marketing and packaging deception practiced by certain manufacturers to mislead consumers into believing their product is "green" or eco-friendly.
I noticed that my detergent package has been "greenitized" by their marketers...it now has a lush forest waterfall and green colored writing on it!
by Vergelimbo November 30, 2007
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(adjective) Describing any food or agricultural practice which may technically satisfy Big Food's newest definition of "organic", but which is far from the common understanding of the word. From "not really organic", hence: NORGANIC.
"That $9 Baby Greens Salad Mix should have a "NORGANIC" label on it when you consider that it was mono-farmed by an Agribusiness 2000 miles from here, vacuum-sealed in unrecyclable plastic, and picked by poorly paid migrant workers"
by Vergelimbo July 11, 2012
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The rare position of being upon the dual precipice of greatness and abject failure.
Everyone recognized his impressive talent, but his vergelimbo attitude worried his closest friends who feared he could at any moment achieve tremendous fame or failure.
by Vergelimbo August 22, 2006
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A derogatory term to describe the new urban hipster who practices yoga, and can be seen wandering the city streets fourbucks latte in one hand, cellphone in the other, yogamat slung over their shoulder.
As I entered the coffee shop, two "yogabonds" with rolled yogamats slung over shoulder rudely pushed their way past me gibbering about chakras as they guzzled their lattes in a mad rush to get to the nearby Yoga studio and "relax".
by Vergelimbo August 22, 2006
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The systematic misinformation practiced by marketers involving claims of positive environmental, "green" or eco-conscious production of the product being advertised.
Have you ever noticed how all the oil company ads lately feature a field of grass, or sunflower as a backdrop? That is such propagreenda!
by Vergelimbo November 30, 2007
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Anyone who obsessively "Googles" their own name as a means to raise their self-esteem or boost their ego.
When John, a notorious egogoogler, needed a quick ego boost he would perform a google search of his name and carefully scrutinize the results with pride.
by Vergelimbo March 3, 2007
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