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That kid that lives in your floor at college that talks to himself, jacks off in the bathroom, brushes his teeth by squirting the toothpaste on the bathroom counter and then dipping his toothbrush in it, washes his hands ever 5 - 15 minutes, thinks everyone's his friend, and/or bugs the shit out of you about random movies that you don't care about.

The best way to avoid this individual is to just pretend like you're really busy. However if this encounter is unavoidable, there are ways to get out of the following awkward conversation. The best way is to just say "hey" when he greets you, and then leave wherever you are (it doesn't matter if you're about to do your homework, get something to eat, wash your hands, get in the shower, or take a dump) and swiftly return to your room or leave the building altogether. If this individual follows you for whatever reason (typically this will not happen, but there have been rare cases of said creepiness) then the best thing to do in this case is NOT to go back to your room, but to get yourself into a crowded area, or even a room with a decent amount of people. The result you would be hoping for is him bugging someone else or to just lose him altogether. This will solve about 99% of cases involving you being followed, but if this still doesn't work, then you only have one option left. Keep in mind that is imperative that you lose the Creepy White Guy before he starts coming onto you (it matters not if you're male or female, CWG's are typically omnisexual). If this happens, you can expect being pursued (however the CWG accomplishes this will vary) for the rest of the year. That last option is to say "HEY! IS THAT *insert arbitrary director here*!?" The CWG is a gullible creature, and will more than likely turn around if you are in a place where there's a lot of people. This moment is crucial, because you need to slip away undetected. Luckily for you, this shouldn't be too hard, because once the CWG thinks a director or even an actor/actress is somewhere within the vicinity, he will relentlessly pursue said person, creeping out all in his path. This should buy you enough time to get the fuck out of there. Upon leaving you must either a) return to your dorm room, lock the door, and stay there for the rest of the day, or b) don't return to your dorm building at all for the rest of the day. I advise the latter if you can, as the former still carries some risk if the CWG knows where your room is.
Creepy White Guy - (obsolete to how others feel about him)"What's up dude"
Person A - (feeling really creeped out) "Oooookay, (begins to leave the room) RYYYYAAAAAAAN!!!"

CWG - "Oh dude, have you seen *insert overhyped movie*, it's so *insert postive adjective*"
Person B - (about to wash hands) "Oooookay, (halts all activity and begins to leave)...CHRIIIIISSSS!!!"
by VegettoVai August 02, 2009

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Around 1980 in LA, bands began to combine the aesthetics of bands like Hanoi Rocks, The Sweet with the musical style of bands like Van Halen and AC/DC. These bands quickly grew to dominate the scene, most famously at the club The Whisky-a-Go-Go. Motley Crue's Too Fast For Love was the album that got the scene going, but it wasn't until Quiet Riot's Metal Health that glam metal entered the mainstream. Much of this had to do with the image-centricity of the bands, and the attention they received from the just-starting MTV. For the next few years, glam would still be only a moderate success. All this would change with the release of Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet in 1986 and Guns N‘ Roses Appetite for Destruction in 1987. Subsequently, glam metal became the dominant music genre, going on to rule the rest of the 80’s.

By the 90‘s, glam had become so successful that any band with a blond front man and a power ballad was signed. Great White, Poison, Warrant, Tuff, Skid Row, etc. began to dominate the scene, infesting the radio and MTV with countless power ballads and cheesy videos. The scene that had once taken pop music by storm had become a lame parody of itself, and overnight was cast aside in favor of newer rock.

With the release of Nevermind, Nirvana took MTV and the radio by storm faster than any band since GnR, opening the floodgates to alternative rock. Besides GnR and Van Halen, LA bands fell off the face of the Earth.
Stevie Rachelle (frontman for glam metal band Tuff) - "Yeah I saw you and your grunge band. When are you gonna learn, dirtball, that you can never mess with the likes of Twisted Sistah!"

Me - "Yeah, except that Dee Snider actually said several times that he liked grunge, moron. Go back to playing in bowling alleys and writing articles for that website nobody goes to, you disgruntled untalented retard."
by VegettoVai December 29, 2010

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Prefix: super-
Root word: -metabolism

A (generally) genetically advantageous trait possessed by a small minority of people.

Seen by those capable of ingesting up to twice their recommended caloric intake and not gain a single pound.

See Capin Tub Tubs

Opposite of metabolism that is disappoint
Person A - Hey man I just had a Godfather garbage plate, that shit's like 3000 calories! I was a little queezy for a bit, but I think I'm fine now.

Person B - Dude you eat A LOT for your size.

Person A - That's 'cause I got tha supermetabolism

Person B - Oh yeah that's right, fuck I got the metabolism that is disappoint, and Herpes
by VegettoVai December 28, 2010

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That guy that, if the world were fair, would be morbidly obese, but is instead about as thin as dental floss.

His name is derived from what everyone would refer to him as if he wasn't blessed with unprecedented supermetabolism.

His behavior is characterized by, but not limited to, eating an entire gallon of ice cream while sitting on his ass and watching TV; eating 3 bags of Doritos while sitting on his ass and watching TV; drinking several cans of Mountain Dew: Code Red while sitting on his ass and watching TV; being blinded by unwashed hair while sitting on his ass and watching TV; smoking a bowl or two while sitting on his and watching TV; and making fun of fat people while sitting on his ass and playing WoW. Seriously, anyone else would have had several heart attacks, a stroke, and colon cancer by now.

While you go to the gym, eat healthy, and play sports to obtain a good body, a Capin Tub Tubs plays WoW, ingests nothing but saturated fats, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup, and sits around the house all day and yet manages to weigh even less than you do, despite having the same body frame.

Everyone knows at least one Capin Tub Tubs
Capin Tub Tubs - Dude I just smoked 2 bowls, ate 3 dozen donuts, and downed an entire 2 liter of Coke. I've been doing this shit for years and I haven't gained a pound.

Obese Person - OH GO TO HELL
by VegettoVai December 28, 2010

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(Noun) An individual who conveys a large amount of prejudice to overweight/obese people. Similar to a racist or a sexist, except more tolerable because, other than those with glandular problems, the people targeted by the gluttonist have chosen to be, well, gluttonous.
(at dinner table)
Person A - Can you pass the stuffing?
Person C - Grandma don't be such a gluttonist!
by VegettoVai January 03, 2010

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A racist who is heralded by other, less successful racists. Strives for, and is often successful at, total or partial division and animosity between two or more races that, without the divisionary's intervention, probably would have resolved most disputes. Typically the divisionary hides behind the title "Reverend" or "Father" or some other bullshit to make it seem like what they're doing isn't so bad. Gets wealthy off of other people's ignorance, feeds that ignorance, and gives whatever race they are a bad name. Simply put, the divisionary is a cancer on whatever race they are born from.
Al Sharpton is the perfect example of a divisionary
by VegettoVai November 28, 2009

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