An is the kindest person that has ever existed. They are loved by everyone and for good reason. They're not the best in social interactions, but would do the silliest things to entertain their friends. They are never honest with themselves, but are humble towards everything they do. They always help you to the best of their efforts whenever you need it. They are extraordinarily smart, but rarely reveal it. If you know An or are in a relationship with An, you are probably the happiest person in the world. Whenever you're down, An would try their best to console you, although extremely awkwardly. They treat you preciously, and always make you laugh. They have many emotions, but usually hides it within themselves. They are the most trustworthy person when it comes to secrets, and will always care for you as if you were the most valuable thing in the world. Disliking An is like disliking candy. They are sweet, and always make you happy whenever you are with them. In short, if you know an An, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world.
"Who do you think is the kindest person in the world?"
"It would definitely have to be An"
by Dipika Singh April 27, 2022
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A girl that is the hottest girl on the entire world. She is very smart and athletic. Will steal your boyfriend in a heartbeat. She has amazing style too.
Holy shit that girls outfit is fire!
She must be an An!
by coolgorlily November 27, 2021
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An is an abbreviation for “amazing night”, because we all know “good night” to that special person is definitely not enough.
An, love you mate❤️
by ✵Jellybeans✵ October 5, 2020
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a fiercely brave boy who isn’t afraid to go his own way, speak his own mind and empowers those around him. He walks with ignition that burns brighter than the sun, all the attention goes to him.
Person A: Who’s that?

Person B: They’re breathtaking

Person C: His name is probably An
by crekerleees November 25, 2021
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Definition of an "an" : they try sliding through girls dms and then they get left on seen and then they hate games a with a passion.
Oh my God hes such an "an"
by GingerNinja457 April 13, 2019
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(ADV or ADJ) A word that is beyond Phenomenal, beyond incredible, puts shit beyond its limits.
Youre An Sexy, or You are so An
by PimpMasterFD January 16, 2010
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"An" is used before all words beginning with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) or an unaspirated h eg.
An apple.
An orange day.
An awful weekend.

A window.
A train.
A good day.
by xiaNia May 1, 2009
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