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a funny way that VAN laughs
eueheueheueheueh. That was funny - Van
by Van June 29, 2003
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Shortened word to describe the loving union between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.
That clex scene was full of loving gazes and flirty smiles. Those two love each other so.
by Van December 20, 2003
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those, who think they are all heavy, like tony montana, but rather they floss their ass with a shoe lace.
that hairy chested man is a "flosser"

that flosser over there, really likes to suck balls

he thinks he's though, but he's just a flosser
by Van April 16, 2005
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the same as slut but for the male species. society views this as something kewl or new and great, when in truth, it is a bad thing and does nothing to promote the general wellfare of anything....
"Look at the pimp... hes so dumb.. he isnt anything!!!"
by Van October 24, 2004
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yo that gyal needs her pum pum ram up good!!!!
by Van April 22, 2003
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Someone southern, with a body larger than that of a normal sized person, and a brain smaller than even the average person on any given school bus that is shorter than that of a normal sized school bus.

(Nobody smart has ever been called a hoss, it is not a compliment).
Strong Mad @ www.homestarrunner.com is the perfect hoss.

by Van November 21, 2003
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