13 definitions by VGerX2001

A restaurant with :
1. A clown for a mascot
2. Crappy marketing one-liner after marketing one-liner(Can anybody say "I'm lovin' it"?)
3. Pig bung as meat
4. Diahrrea inducing tendencies
**Eats at the big mac**
**Uses toilet**
by VGerX2001 December 3, 2003
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Backstreet Boys, only with all of the talent and appeal stripped away. Thank god they broke up.
Thank god George Lucas removed *NSUCK from Episode II :)
by VGerX2001 August 31, 2004
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The appropiate nickname for the ignorant masses drowning out all remaining hints of intellect on our planet. You know them--they're the same kind who take Jesus' death for granted, eat at McDonalds every day and think pan-and-scan is superior to widescreen.
Joe Six Pack: Why are these big black bars obscuring my screen? I WANT MY SCREEN FILLED, not this stupid film elitist crap. I have a right, you know, and--

**JSP dies of heart attack from eating one too many Big Macs**
by VGerX2001 September 7, 2004
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The most twisted and curved rating scale ever, mainly used in the olympic events that happen every four years. Though it uses the basic one to ten rating system, it's extremely harsh and brutal. The breakdown is as follows:

10 - Mediocrity defined
9 - Extremely disappointing and bland
8 - Outright bad
7 - Piss-poor
6 - Absoluetely fucking terrible
5 - Abysmal beyond words
4 - Not even MADDONA would touch this shit.
3 - Hitler would tremble in fear at this Bob Saget sized abomination
2 - Macauly Culkin's character in The Good Son is sweet and innocent in comparison to this... well... thing.
1 - (Insert satanic phrase from the bible here)
Gigli scores a 3 out of 10 from the Olympic Rating Scale
by VGerX2001 August 23, 2004
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The long-awaited prequel trilogy to the Back to the Future trilogy. While "Future" dealt with going to the past, "Past" will deal with going to the future! Ha! Get it? REVERSE LOGIC'D!
Back to the Past > Back to the Future
by VGerX2001 August 6, 2004
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Cinematic Defecit Disorder, commonly known as CDD, is a unfortunate disease that continues to plague moviegoers each and every single day. It lobotomizes their tastes in film, to the point where they're beyond redemption. Please stop CDD :(
Person #1: Collateral was a kickass movie. Tom Cruise gave the performance of his career.
Person #2: Collateral sucked, it was boring. Go see Anacondas instead.
Person #1: -_-
by VGerX2001 September 3, 2004
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QWERTY spelled backwards. Because I can, stupid cocksucking motherfucker.
by VGerX2001 October 8, 2004
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