An excellent movie staring Elijah Wood, NOT Orlando Bloom.
Elijah Wood is not only better looking than Orlando Bloom, but he is also a much better actor.
by <3<3<3 June 24, 2005
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The movie where Mcauley (sp?) Culkin is actually evil and tries to kill his cousin (played by Orlando Bloom). Mr. Culkin was one sick bastard in this movie, he shot a dog with a makeshift nailgun, tried to push his mum off a cliff, threw a dummy off a bridge and caused a 100+ car pile up. Bastard. At the end he falls off a cliff and dies. Death to McKauley (sp?) Culkin!
John- Did you ever see the Good Son?
Jacob- No, Why?
John- Mcauley (sp?) Culkin is one sick bastard.
by the_masked_magician00 November 13, 2004
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When an act of something good takes place , "good son" is said to the person in which the act occurs.
Wully said to Alison "GOOD SON" when she wanted to have sex with him.
by William Shaw Duncan Jr. December 10, 2007
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A saying commonly used by guys wives, girlfriends, or just girls they know, clarifying they are no good and liars. Many men make this a true statement, although there are still some great guys left. It is now a very stereotypical statement towards all men.
Jessica: (On the phone with her friend Toby) Toby, Robby cheated on me for the third time this year.

Toby: Are you serious?

Jessica: Yes. I can't believe it. And after he promised me, crossing his heart, he would never do it again.

Toby: Hun, I told you this once, and I will tell you again. Robby is just a Lazy ass, not for good, lying son of a bitch!
by doremifasollatido August 31, 2010
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