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A variant of ma'am as in madam. A term of respect combining the words ma'am and mommy. A respected mother surrogate as in nanny.
I loved my mammy.
by Urbanlovespread November 04, 2018
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An illegal arrangement in which friendship is bartered for any kind of "benefit", or gain. It is considered insider trading, and also prostitution.
My friend with benefits lives at the apartment for free but she has to be available when I want her. Her benefit is I pay the rent.
by Urbanlovespread November 04, 2018
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Someone considered a member of the family who works. Originally considered an endearment and term of respect, it was twisted into a derogatory term in the American civil war in order to create mass unemployment, since the employed were put down and disparaged as "uncle Tom". It worked, as well as the endearment "mammy". Both terms originally used to denote caring and respect were, after the war, denigrating, as well as having a job. Mammies went from respected members of family to unemployed as did "uncle" Tom.
That uncle Tom works for that white man. He should quit and his pride in unemployment can feed his family.
by Urbanlovespread November 04, 2018
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