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At first he will seem like the guy who is very shy and closed, but he is the most open guy around. If you have a secret, you can trust him with it. No excuses. He always has to be funny after, otherwise he will feel unwanted. He can make anyone's day. He is most likely paranoid about someone one may not like him. He is the kindest guy at heart and most likely the most emotional too. All he wants to show everyone love and for everyone to show him it back.
Connor: Why is Dominic so quiet.

Aaron: Oh, you haven't met the real Dominic, he is so nice and funny.

Connor: Really, ok I will try to get to know him.
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by Urban Bone Master June 11, 2018

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It is the pass boys can use once to simp for a girl without judgement
Michael- I am going to use my simp pass on this girl. I feel she is the one.
Garrett- If say so, but I have faith in you.
by Urban Bone Master April 08, 2020

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It's like cool, but if the person is cute and you wanna have a relationship beyond friends. Low-key way to let on that you like them
Girl: You are kool
Guy: I think you are pretty cool too
Girl: No, you are KOOL
Guy: Oh! Thank you
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by Urban Bone Master May 04, 2019

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n. Like a side chick, but for girls
v. The process of being fucked by your side bone.
Damn, my side bone did some good shit last night.
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by Urban Bone Master March 20, 2018

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a toothbrush you hand to a stank ass hoe so they can wash their stds away
Henry: Here Ally, use this cooch brush to wash your stanky cooch you std infested bitch
by Urban Bone Master September 24, 2020

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Put a stick up your butt, poop on it, has to be solid. Then take it out and enjoy your day with an ice poopsicle
Chloe: You want a poopsicle
John: Yes please
Chloe: (proceeds to form poopsicle) Here you go
John: Thank you
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by Urban Bone Master May 15, 2019

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When your infant is thirsty and the mother is not around, have your child suckle on the cap of your urethra, until the child is no longer thirsty.
Baby: Goo goo ga ga
Me: If only your mother hadn't passed away. (Begins to pull off pants)
Baby: Goo Goo ga ga (questioning life choices and why the hell there is dick milk coming out his urethra)
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by Urban Bone Master May 15, 2019

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