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A bitchy little person that doesn’t care about anyone but herself and is very stuck up about everything. She uses everyone and replaces her friends as soon as she gets tired of them. All she wants in life is to get laid and have a boyfriend but she’s an ugly bitch that everyone talks about. Nobody likes her because they know she uses them and likes to steal peoples friends.
Omg myah is so ugly. Who would want to be friends with her.
by Unknown (insta person_ak) February 9, 2020
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The day we’re only Ashlee’s we’re born cool, and born on Friday the 13th. She’s a hip, baby little 13 year old, that’s weird and loved chips.
See that girl over there I heard her name is Ashlee she needs to be born in January 13th
by Unknown (insta person_ak) November 14, 2019
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A sucky place with tired students take DONT want to listen to what mr. Shillingford has to say...
Oh also mrs.Smith say “HAPPY MONDAY!” Ugh!

School full of annoying 7th graders
Hip 8th graders

And annoyed 9th graders

“We don’t do this at Holicong
Holicong middle school sucks and the poor children want to go home and sleep but can’t because of the stupid rules!
by Unknown (insta person_ak) November 14, 2019
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Anyone named Ashlee can probably be very judgmental sometimes but can get very sweet and loving, she’ll always have your back no matter what is the situation. Ashlee is awesome at hiding her feeling but it can be good or bad she hides what she feels and when she gets hurt she sucks it all in so she isn’t being annoying but when it comes for friends it works out great. Ashlee is strong and will look out for whoever is close to her or her friend!
Once you meet Ashlee you can never leave
by Unknown (insta person_ak) December 10, 2019
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The sucky elementary that the stupid principal of 2019 changed it (im not spelling that long of the stupid principle). She takes people ideas that’s she shut down, she like to take away theme songs and make her, her own. And take away all the Traditions, and we all know that the teachers Secretly hate her. Oh and where detention after school is aloud and like a prison.
See that girl on Jamison road, I heard it’s Warwick elementary school and really sucky. I wish I would never be there
by Unknown (insta person_ak) November 14, 2019
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