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Anything that is not tr00.
Mallcore kid: I like Christian music.
Grimblin: You're untr00.
by Uncle Choad August 22, 2006
The equivalent of a 'paddy wagon' substituting the worthlessness of a kaffir for the awesomeness of an Irishman.

In this day and age, kaffirs fill up these 'paddy wagons' left and right.
-Dude run, the paddy wagon is coming.

-What the fuck is a paddy wagon? Oh you mean the kaffir wagon?
by Uncle Choad October 29, 2008
In general terms, a Babst is a Pabst that wants to be a Pabst, but it really isn't a Pabst, it's a Babst. A Babst is created by finding stray cans with beer still in them, cans that were forgotten on a table or shelf by someone, and combining the portions to fill a can. This is done throughout the party. The Babst cans are then put in the fridge, where they sit until the newer beer is consumed. The Babst is the potentially wasted beer that you break out at the end of a party.
Dude, don't worry, the beer isn't really gone. We still have about 6 cans of Babst on the top shelf, remember?
by Uncle Choad March 21, 2008
<i>v.</i> for a car to be very fast
This SS Chevelle 454 fucking roasts.
by Uncle Choad July 28, 2006
The actual original Budweiser beer. Too many little guys have overtaken the beer culture with the terms 'Bud Heavy' or Bud Diesel'.

No, it is Bud Standard. The standard version of Budweiser, and how it was supposed to always be.

Fuck Bud Light and the people who drink it.
"Dude you're drinking Bud Heavies tonight? Nice."

"No faggot, I'm drinking a Bud Standard. Stop ruining the King of Beers by revealing how much of a puss cake you are."
by Uncle Choad August 5, 2009
White trash faggots in the 508 who think they have the fastest car in the town. They're often seen driving around main streets late at night with their white trash friends. Cars of choice include late 80's Mustangs and Hondas, and their cars often have matching logos, usually of an equally white trash graphic company in town. Along with the graphics, their cars usually have an attention whore modified exhaust, usually a niggerpipe.

Not only do they act white trash, they look white trash as well, are often very skinny, have shaved heads, and a sorry attempt at a beard. They often dress in Southpole, Rockawear, JNCO, and Ecko, and are commonly spotted wearing a flat brimmed fitted baseball hat. Around 60-70% of street scumbags lack a high school education.

Locations which are almost guaranteed to provide a street scumbag sighting include McDonald's parking lots, C.A.P., TacoBell, Dunkin Donuts parking lots, and any convenience store, where they usually hang out.
Chet: what the fuck are those faggots doing out here every night?

Smit: oh them? they're street scumbags. that's all they do. white trash faggots.
by Uncle Choad February 7, 2008
Anyone who is either untr00, ungrim, or Christian.
Those people in that church are ungrimblins.

That emo kid is an ungrimblin.
by Uncle Choad August 22, 2006