26 definition by Turd Ferguson

It is what everything else isn't. Everything else is somehting so the other thing is nothing.
Nothing is nothing, so nothing doesn't exist and there is not not not nothing. Everyting is something.
by Turd Ferguson January 29, 2004

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a piece of wet cat shit
there was dookie in Paul's shoe.
by Turd Ferguson February 15, 2003

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Turds and poopies mixed together.
Somone didnt flush the toilet, and the poopieturds had began to waterlog.
by Turd Ferguson March 27, 2004

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noun. - a small compact car with plywood like walls and usually driven till destroyed.
1)a Ford Fiesta
2)That is one beautiful poopnut.
3)What is that poopnut doing in this show?!
by Turd Ferguson March 05, 2004

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A nonexistant word used only by the mentally retarded/southerners. They think it makes them sound exotic when they say it even though everyone else wants to cut their throat. Billy Williams, you are an ässhole.
Billy Williams from Knightdale, NC - What's up paseano?
Random guy - You're fat
by Turd Ferguson December 29, 2004

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(noun)To reek of stinktitude; a person who obviously has no idea how rediculous he is.

(verb)to be oblivious to how incredibly rediculous you are
(noun)Vanilla ice is clay to the extreme.

(verb)That was the most clay ever.
by Turd Ferguson March 24, 2004

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1. Shit
2. to deficate
If you don't pull this van over right now I will be forced to chaurpe on the cat!
by Turd Ferguson April 26, 2005

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