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A plump toddler with a big tummy that makes them sway back and forth while walking on sandy beaches.
“Li’l Dumpling,” Momma said, “your mushroom soup is ready.”
by TrishaE January 6, 2020
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When a mechanic or repair person invents a ridiculous error or problem with your vehicle, appliance or device during inspection, which requires you to pay for fictitious repair.
“Sorry ma’am, it looks like your muffin-cake has blown a gasket. We’ll fix it right away! “The mechanic said, winking to his assistant after a customer was successfully muffin-caked.
by TrishaE September 27, 2019
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A young person who helps sports teams with water bottles and towels.
My brutha is special. He helps people on the hockey team with their sticks and water bottles and things.
by TrishaE September 4, 2019
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A desperate and somewhat dishonest technique parents use in which the parent announces that, due to poor behaviour, they’ve had to cancel an exciting event or activity they’d had planned. The parent, however, never actually planned the event in the first place.
“That’s it,” the mom told her misbehaving children, “I had to cancel the clown I’d booked for this afternoon!”
by TrishaE October 23, 2019
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Describes a very positive and uplifting experience.
Our visit to Nanny's house was spendidly bipsybopsy.
by TrishaE April 28, 2019
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Liquid-filled lumps found on a person’s back.
Dad’s shirt got stuck on his glump.
by TrishaE November 13, 2020
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When a cat plays with dried up food across the floor.
Oh Look at the kitty skibble that dried up old sausage across the kitchen
by TrishaE January 8, 2020
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