5 definitions by Tribal_Warfare

Another term for on guard in fencing, or what is said by an attacker to caution the individual before an attempted strike.
Have at you George,because I'm going hit you with my fencing sword.
by Tribal_Warfare September 6, 2011
The inability to keep criticism from affecting the individual being scrutinized, or taking certain mentions personally once heard or read.
Michael Jordan had Rabbit Ears when the NYC Media was editorializing his play because he dominated the Knicks with impunity.
by Tribal_Warfare June 4, 2021
It's when an attractive young adult a female has a worn out expression due to children, or if the young female has a worn out look in general.
Did you see Karen? She's hot, but she has a Mom face which is a little bit of a turnoff.
by Tribal_Warfare December 27, 2010
Someone or something that's so mean that they will fight or act with merciless intent to get want they want or accomplish.
Did see Alan in that fight? Yeah, I don't want to mess with him because he's freaking shag nasty when he gets in a scuffle.
by Tribal_Warfare July 2, 2010
A term that describes a person's blind loyalty to a team individual, or product.
Man ,George thinks the teams Quarterback is one of the best in the league but statistically he's one of the worst. He's really, really, a true fan or a daft lemming.
by Tribal_Warfare December 20, 2011