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What people say when they are either trying to be rude or busy.
Don’t freak out if someone says “k bye”, usually it’s just because they are busy.
But if they are being rude, be rude back. *this is trending*
Me- “I’m glad you’re having a good day!”
Rude Person- “k bye
Me-*cries in Spanish*
by TrendySis February 24, 2019
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A word that used to be popular but is now boring and only used by children who don’t keep up with the current trends... so don’t say oof anymore.
Britney- “I am so mad at Kate
Natalie- “OOF
Britney- “That is so two months ago. Don’t say that again.”
by TrendySis February 28, 2019
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Friend- “James Charles is so gay
Me-“I totally agree
by TrendySis February 24, 2019
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What people text you when they are either confused or they think you’re weird.
Kid 1- “I just kissed Bob!”
Kid 2-“Ummmm. Bob is SO ugly, why would you kiss him?”
Kid 1-“.....”
by TrendySis March 1, 2019
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