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The idea that the interwebs are neutral territory belonging to no government. Under net neutrality, all internet access should be treated equally free from censorship, throttling, or any other disruptive actions that diminish freedom of expression or freedom of usage preventing corporate monopolies.
The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give giant cable companies control over the Internet.
by TremereLord July 18, 2017

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Fat Ass White Girl, as opposed to a PAWG whose ass we enjoy looking at.
" Damn look at the size of that ass! That ain't no PAWG, that's a FAWG!" "I can't see no PAWG's with all that FAWG in the way!"
by TremereLord October 03, 2015

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1) A level of sexual frustration arising from a combination of horniness and alternatively either hunger or anger.

2) An appetite for sex more formally known as sitophilia. The sensual pleasure derived from food itself.
I am so fricking horngry I'm gonna have some serious hate-sex when I get laid.
by TremereLord February 10, 2019

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(n) An alternate name used for the internet or other writing form. A screen name or Nom de plume. From the greek styló (pen) and onuma (name).
"'So, what's your handle?' 'My stilonym is Tremerelord.'"
by TremereLord March 07, 2020

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1) The tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent sexualties, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

2) One who maintains the semantic rearrangement, reclassification, and/or revisionist ideas of non biological sexuality is inherantly flawed.

3) Someone who is offended by all non-binary, traditional, biologically based sexuality.
If you attack a homeosexual for assuming your pronouns, they will be equally offended by your claim gender is a choice.
by TremereLord February 10, 2019

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