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This word is derived from the word "waiter" or "waitress", and put together with the suffix "-tron".

Etymology of "-tron": Greek, suffix denoting an instrument; akin to Old English.

It is a dehumanizing term often used to refer to a waiter/waitress.
Dick goes into a restaurant and places a stack of one dollar bills on the table. Dick tells the waitron that this is his tip. If the waitron does bad, a dollar will be taken away. Good, a dollar put back. As his server slowly dissatisfies him, he removes the money from the tip pile. Waitron is saddened.
by TooCrooked December 03, 2004
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Otherwise known as a 3½ Floppy Disk. Don't be mistaken - the magnetic disk that holds data is "floppy", even though the outside plastic casing is hard. They just wanted to confuse you.
I like to insert a nice hard floppy into my computer's awaiting slot.
by TooCrooked August 30, 2003
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A figurative term to describe a bad pass. "Wounded duck" passes either have no chance for reception by an offensive receiver due to any number of poor dynamics on the thrown ball, or simply should be intercepted by the defense for being so poorly thrown.

Defensively, also known as a gimmie.
So Ben Roethlisberger was a mess yesterday, looking more like a modern-day Cliff Stoudt than the guy who led the Steelers to a win in Super Bowl XL. Benjamin floated three wounded ducks into the waiting arms of Colts defenders at critical times yesterday, outright costing the Steelers the game.
by TooCrooked November 10, 2008
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Due to the language filter in Starsiege:Tribes, this word became widely used to describe someone who excessively uses a chaingun.
LPB chain wh0re!
by TooCrooked July 21, 2003
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"Rolling on the floor with your mom." Often used when ROFL and LMAO get played out.
by TooCrooked July 21, 2003
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Politically incorrect term purposely used to define a heterosexual marriage in the attempt to make the term "same sex marriage" appear to be less threatening.
Sodomy isn't the ONLY option in a non same sex marriage. This cannot be said for the same sex marriages.
by TooCrooked December 03, 2004
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To camp (continueally hunt) a spawn (an area or specific place a computer character inhabits) and kill a computer character (npc) so as to reap the benefits of multiple items from said spawn.

Is often frowned upon as it it considered monopolization, and generally requires the usurpment of an area from other more needing contenders of said spawn.
That &*#$ has been pharming that camp for days, and wont give anyone else a chance.
by TooCrooked November 08, 2003
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