How your parents threaten you when you are small and vulnerable: stop crying or i'll spank you.

It is used only when the child is already crying, having a tantrum, in need of comfort like a hug or a large bandage. Usually the child is crying because the parent has yelled at him or her.

The parent becomes desperate, irritated, and embarrassed (if in public).

Apparently, the parent thinks that threatening a child with physical harm is the most efficient way of stopping it from crying.

It's further proof that parents are sadistic and retarded. Goes in the same category as "if you don't _____, you better" i.e., the category of Threatening Statements That Make No Sense.
Tommy: Waaa waaa it hurts, mommy, don't!
Brenda: If you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about!
Tommy: Waa--wait, what? *never forgets traumatic childhood*
by shamille September 21, 2008