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Something which occurs to make one resort to an instant and furious wank.
You are taking a peaceful stroll in the park one fine summer's morning when you happen to see a young lady lying on the grass in such a manner that her stocking tops and the gusset of her gleaming white panties are clearly visible. 'That's wankrageous,' you might mutter as you whip out your sausage.
by TommyTosspot March 19, 2009

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An event held every four years for the keen young wankers of every nation.
'This is a report form the Barcelona Wanklympics.'

'How does it feel to have won the gold medal for the 100 wanks?'
'The competition was very stiff but I held my own! Pass the tissues mate!'
by TommyTosspot March 28, 2009

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It's a device to measure how many wanks you are doing to the hour.
"Oy! You filthy little pervert! You were doing at least 40, and this is a built up area!"

"Sorry officer, I think my wankometer must be broken."

"OK sir put that throbbing red rod back in your trousers and we'll say no more about it."
by TommyTosspot April 11, 2009

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