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A Dream Piss is where you need a piss during sleep, so much so that its incorporated in a dream.

The average Dream Piss lasts longer than a normal piss because the feeling of an empty bladder is never achieved.
Oh man, I had go take a Dream Piss in the middle of fucking Christina Aguilera, I woke up because it took so long!
by TommyHaych April 12, 2006
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Bolton (near Manchester) is a dirty, smelly, shit hole of a "multi cultural" town with a rubbish university and a council who don't give a crap about anything.

The majority of the town is occupied by Pregnant Teenagers, Chavs, Council Houses and general idiots.

It still bemuses one how it wasn't granted city status.

The only thing credible about the town is it produced Peter Kay and shamefully that gawky bastard Vernon Kay.
Me: "I need to get out of Bolton pronto or else I'll hang meself"

Me: "The train station has seen better days, it stinks of piss".

Brendan "Yeah, the council said they'd refurbished it, but they only changed the toilet paper".
by TommyHaych October 5, 2006
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Peanut butter & jelly (or jam in the UK) is the best fuckin' sandwich ever (behind meatball sub). I found it via Reggie & The Full Effect.
Damn, if i had any more PB&J i would be rosanne.
by TommyHaych March 13, 2005
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A name commonly used by someone who wants to delete random things from urbandictionary.com
by TommyHaych March 1, 2005
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Awesome character from anime Naruto. When he gets worried, he eats like crazy and he goes mad when someone calls him a 'fatty'.

Chouji :- "Akamaru sure looks tasty now"
by TommyHaych January 21, 2006
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1) Fantastic and underrated band from Cranford / Linden, New Jersey currently signed to Drive-Thru Records, on which they released Lunch For The Sky.

They are currently a 4 piece consisting of Duane F. Okun, Kevin G. Bryan II, Thomas Patrick Stratton and Vincent D'Amico. Bassist Adam Swider left the group in May, 2006.

2) A method invented by Greek Philosopher Socrates.
1) I'll extend my arms out to learn a lesson that no teachers teach on how to admire the morning in case this is the last one that I'll ever see. - Socratic

2) Makes no sense to me - Me
by TommyHaych July 14, 2006
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An abbreviation of 'Tre Sexy' which means very sexy.
Craig: This Spill Canvas song is tres sexy.

Craig: its trexy.

Tom: thats a new word, I'm having it.

by TommyHaych December 6, 2005
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