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Sweet ass pop-punky 7-piece from Tracy, California.
Friend: Dude, are you checking out the Bel Air show tonight?

Me: Nope, sorry I live in the UK *cries*
by TommyHaych March 22, 2005
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Another term for laughing hard. Derives from Nova Scotia. Can be on the same level as LMAO or ROFL
You could make some cock and bull story about how crumpets derive from canada

hahah...cock and bull

i'm roarin', hahaha

i love that phrase

cock and bull
by TommyHaych March 25, 2006
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A chest slap is a form of applause used at a music show when one hand is occupied with a cool refreshment (i.e. beer), thus not being able to clap with both hands.

When the time is right, the free hand is used to slap the opposite side of the chest (the right hand on the left side, for instance) to emulate a sound of respect and applause.
Some random local band: "That was our new single, Emotional Napsack".

Me: "That sucked, might as well chest clap them, dude."

The guy next to me: "Who are you? Shut up!"

by tommyhaych October 01, 2006
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The complexion on ones face while working out a common math sum, for example how much wage will be recieved or how much shopping can be bought.

The look is commonly made up of one or more squinting eyes coupled with a far away or thoughtful look.

One corner of the mouth may also extend upwards.
John gave me the math face when I asked him how much he was selling his star wars collection for.
by tommyhaych September 17, 2006
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A name commonly used by someone who wants to delete random things from urbandictionary.com
by Tommyhaych March 01, 2005
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Bolton (near Manchester) is a dirty, smelly, shit hole of a "multi cultural" town with a rubbish university and a council who don't give a crap about anything.

The majority of the town is occupied by Pregnant Teenagers, Chavs, Council Houses and general idiots.

It still bemuses one how it wasn't granted city status.

The only thing credible about the town is it produced Peter Kay and shamefully that gawky bastard Vernon Kay.
Me: "I need to get out of Bolton pronto or else I'll hang meself"

Me: "The train station has seen better days, it stinks of piss".

Brendan "Yeah, the council said they'd refurbished it, but they only changed the toilet paper".
by tommyhaych October 05, 2006
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