a term used to label a homosexual with bread
did you see rob making out with that guy in the bakery, he is such a tweer
by SpanishchixMB June 22, 2006
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to be tired; worn out; not quite exhausted but getting there.
I'm really tweers today; A:How are you? B:Tweers, and you?
by S.E.W April 04, 2008
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Someone who is a queer and they're from texas.
only steers and queers come from texas and they're all tweers
by Harry P Stallone February 25, 2008
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twitter + queer
a tweer is someone who has a stolen art profile picture of a cartoony version of themselves most likely wearing a lapel pin that signals what part of the LGBTQ community they are a part of. usually has a "BLM/trans (depends)/their age/and a LGBT flag emoji. there are many variations of this. usually participate in cancel culture and get offended by the shittiest memes. sometimes hypocritical. when they finally get off their phone, they think about an offensive thing they saw for the rest of the day and cry themselves to sleep about it. most are also TOS slaves and dickride the report user button.
usually dont accept the apologies of people they cancel, no matter how sincere the cancel victim is.
dude 1: hey check out this tweer lmao *shows dude 2 his phone*
dude 2: lol, what a retard
tweer's tweet: "ive decided ive come out as random made up gender that doesn't exist, thank you all for supporting me ❤"
by Garfield Gaming December 10, 2020
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