15 definitions by TokenIranian

these clothes are so chingy, too bad i cant afford them
by TokenIranian June 5, 2015
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A female so hot she's as hot and spicy as a habanero pepper
Zoe is such a Habanero
by TokenIranian September 28, 2015
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words like cray, creep, rad, basically any word that sounds like the average white girl would say it
my gf says a lot of girly words
by TokenIranian August 2, 2015
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basically the same as being single or in the friendzone
I've been in relationship jail for most of my life, idk when I'm gonna get out
by TokenIranian September 23, 2016
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to kill someone or to beat up someone
i need you three to help me slang this sucka who's dating a girl i like
by TokenIranian June 5, 2015
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