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i jacked ur bike
by Toby October 21, 2003
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'hackitoki' is a word used to describe an unpleasent situation/smell/sight/person/taste.
That tasted like a hackitoki (used to describe an unpleasant taste).

She was a fat ugly hackitoki. (used to describe an unpleasent person).

That car is sure one hell of a hackitoki (denotes the car as an ugly, stinking, piece of rust).
by Toby July 22, 2004
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A journey, esp. one which is arduous or difficult.
I had to walk three miles home in the snow. It was such a hajj.
by Toby November 23, 2003
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I've got forbidden hair yes i do
there given 'em to any one that means you
you can drive to europe and get one too
then you'll have forbidden hair like i do
{buy a vandals album}
{cause i cant}
{im poor}
{well not really}
{but i dont have money to spend on CDs}
{but you do}
{so buy a vandals album and make yourself happy}
{i recommend their Christmas album}
by Toby December 7, 2003
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A woman with all the right attributes, 'four' because of the main four: Face, ass, tits and legs.
1) That chick sure was a four'er.
2) holy shit, i just saw a four'er
by Toby October 30, 2004
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to spit game with a girl on yo lap
man keith rap a lap that bitch cause there was no chairs nigga!
by Toby September 22, 2004
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