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the clit is the female version of the head of a penis. men enjoy blowjobs, therefore women ejoy stimulation of the clit. most men, unfortunately, do not know where the clit is or how to use it and think that it severs no real function. this is equivalent to saying that the head of the penis deserves no attention durring any sexual acts. the clit is capable of giving many women multiple orgasms, and any man that can deliver that for a woman is practically guaranteed good head, sex or both.
do you know where the clit is? uhm, well its about 2 inches from where you think it is....for god's sake it's pierced!
by toby March 30, 2004

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Vanilla Ice was the first famous white rapper with his first single 'Ice Ice Baby' being the biggest selling record ever, selling over 17 million copies.

Although the fame was short lived, the Ice man influenced many white rappers today, Ice was the first white man to have the balls to do what was mainly considered black only music.

He now is a heavy metal singer, but still does his rapping. On his latest album, bi-polar, the first half of the album is metal, the second being rap. Featuring ICP on one track.

Most people who defined the ice man dont know what they are talking about, saying he influenced wiggers is wrong because he was around while most of these people were still wearing nappies and probaly listened to him.
Vanilla Ice influenced many white rappers today, as most didn't have the balls to try black music.
by Toby September 30, 2004

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i jacked ur bike
by toby October 21, 2003

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African American sitting in the front porch, usually down south.
I wreckin we lynch them porch monkeys
by Toby October 01, 2003

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Acronym that stands for "suck my motherfucking dick".
"You denied my request for a raise, and now you want me to come into work on my day off? SMMFD."
by Toby April 02, 2005

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a bitch with some really saggy tits
Man, Jennifer had some orangutan titties!!!
by Toby September 22, 2004

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see mullet
I've got forbidden hair yes i do
there given 'em to any one that means you
you can drive to europe and get one too
then you'll have forbidden hair like i do
{buy a vandals album}
{cause i cant}
{im poor}
{well not really}
{but i dont have money to spend on CDs}
{but you do}
{so buy a vandals album and make yourself happy}
{i recommend their Christmas album}
by toby December 07, 2003

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