10 definitions by Tin Hat Kippah

"To spoil an otherwise successful endeavor or to ruin an otherwise positive moment." A sort of haimish or heimish (i.e., Jewish-inflected) version of "turd in a punch bowl" or "turd in one's drink." A mikveh is a ritual bath used for purification and conversion in the Jewish tradition and, thus, shitting in one is strictly forbidden.
Me and my buddy were having a great morning shooting out on Forest Service land until a couple of noobs with zero target acquisition skills and good sense showed up and took a massive shit in the mikveh by sending a bunch of 5.56 across our baffles.
by Tin Hat Kippah December 6, 2020
Verb: "(w/ 'to go') to stand up during a Zoom or other conference call while sporting wood or showing an erection underneath ones clothes." Inspired by the 2020 news event involving journalist Jeffrey Toobin who was caught masturbating during a Zoom call, and, thus, was going "full-Toobin."
Right in the middle of a Zoom review for the O-Chem midterm, my TA got up to get a fresh cup of coffee and, wouldn't you know it, dude went half-Toobin and popped a chub right in front of the whole section. Must've had more than the textbook open in his browser window.
by Tin Hat Kippah November 13, 2020
To lay a fart in someone's face while passing them in an airplane, bus, subway train or other public conveyance where they are denied a means of easy escape and have to take the full blast directly or at least danger close. From an unfortunate incident in late 2019 when two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof took such a hit while on a U.S. transcontinental flight.
What happened to you?
I tripped on my shoelace while passing Nick Kristof in the aisle to my Calc teacher on the way back from the Mathletes Jamboree and now I've gotta wear this leg boot for 3 weeks.
Yeah, karma can be a bitch.
by Tin Hat Kippah December 15, 2020
A non-Jew hired obliquely to do Duolingo on Shabbos for an observant Jew and thus allow her or him to maintain their streak. Coined on analogy with Shabbos goy.
Oy, the megillah to hire my Duolingoy was just verkakte. I had to stand there with a sad look on my puss and say "it's so unfortunate that there isn't someone out there who just wants to do Duolingo once a week to brush up their Klingon" over and over again until he took the hint.
by Tin Hat Kippah December 22, 2020
Verb: "To be a pest, especially by going on and on about something (usually with "don't" or other negation)." A trans-lingual Mondegreen of the Yiddish phrase "hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik" (lit: "don't rattle me a tea kettle") meaning, figuratively, to quit complaining or beating a point to death.
Listen, we're not going to Disneyland this Summer and that's final, so suck it up and don't hock my China about it.

Chad, what happens again when you hock my China?
I get yelled at?
Exactamundo! So, knock it off and go watch TV.
by Tin Hat Kippah November 13, 2020
Quintessentially Jewish, especially in the sense of being homey or folksy. From Yiddish heymish/heimish, "cozy, domestic, home-like."
I've always thought of Fred Meyer as being a sort of haimish Walmart.
by Tin Hat Kippah December 6, 2020
1) The practice of doing bumpfire or bumpfiring a semi-automatic rifle by needlessly, inefficiently and probably unsafely having a buddy stand behind you and pull the stock of your slinged rifle. 2) Any needless, inefficient and unsafe variation on standard shooting protocol usually thought up by two (almost always male) friends when they have more ammo than targets or good sense. See, Kentucky Windage.
Hey, why is that guy using himself as a bipod for his buddy's AR?
Hmm...That right there, son, is some serious Kentucky Bumpfire.
by Tin Hat Kippah December 21, 2020