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Acronym used in text messages and message boards standing for 'Rolling on floor jerking myself off'. As ROFLMAO implies something funny was written, ROFJMO acknowledges something sexy.
Moe: What did you think of "Unfaithful"?
Curly: ROFJMO!!!!!
Moe: me too; Diane Lane is hot.
by Timmy the Geek January 14, 2009
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The act of bragging too much to the point of becoming an annoying douche bag.
dude 1: Man, did I ever tell you about that day I scored the winning touchdown in the playoff game and then nailed the hottest cheerleader later that night?
dude 2: yeah, only like a million times, so stop being so bragadoucious already.
by Timmy the Geek June 20, 2009
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Placing one testicle over a sex partner's eye.
I bet Ashley Olsen was pirate tea bagged by Lance Armstrong.
by Timmy the Geek January 13, 2009
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One who tries too hard to come up with new words for online dictionaries, usually failing miserably even if the word is accepted.
see also: lingua-loser
Larry: Jeebus! look at this word! It's not even a word, it's a 3 word phrase - what a stretch.
Moe: That dictumhead probably thinks getting published here makes him Ernest Friggin' Hemingway.
Curly: Or Marian Webster.
Moe: Get around here, you!
by Timmy the Geek June 20, 2009
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n. bag of douche, i.e. douche bag; most likely of Italian-American origin. Can be used as an insult but is usually a term of familiarity and endearment.
Vito: Hey you old bagadoosh! How the hell are you?
Vinnie: Yo, who you calling old, you fargin' bagadoosh ya?
Baby Guido: gurgle...bagadoosh...sppfft..
Vito: Hey, that little bagadoosh Guido said his first word!!
Vinnie: He's a little bagadoosh off the old block.
Vito: That makes no sense, you dumb bagadoosh.
by Timmy The Geek January 28, 2009
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n. A scary-nasty black female. Most frequently used to describe a misbehaving celebrity.
Timmy: I saw Naomi Campbell in an airplane and asked if they were going to show the in-flight movie on her forehead and she threw a damn cell phone at me!
Jim Bob: Whoa dude, you gotta be careful what you say to that Kunt Chocula.
Timmy: Werd. I should have learned from my throw down with Star Jones last month.
by Timmy The Geek January 27, 2009
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A weak attempt at a French Kiss.
Ally: Ugh, my new boyfriend is a terrible kisser...and I think he might be Chinese.
Mikey: Why do you say that?
Ally: He gave me some mousy tongue last night.
Mikey: LOL....Hey! Aren't you married?
by Timmy The Geek January 26, 2009
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