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When a guy let's his dog out to make a group of girls stop.
Yesterday a group of guys let there puppy out so my friends and I would stop to catch his dog.
by Tiger March 26, 2005
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forrest. yup he has myspace herpes.
get only chicks to post 30+ comment on his page a day. he donsn't know a single one.
by Tiger April 1, 2005
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A lazy scumbag who contributes nothing by pretending to be ill.
He's was a total Appleby, taking money of his employer but never doing any work.
by Tiger September 25, 2003
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selfish, smart, rude and bitch.
selfish, smart, rude and bitch.
by Tiger May 3, 2003
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bicker (n): A three-day rite of passage held annually at Princeton University, during which (mostly) Sophomores indirectly compete with each other to gain entry into one of the University’s prestigious exclusive Eating Clubs (Ivy, Cottage, Tiger Inn, Cap & Gown, Tower). Though there is a general spirit of camaraderie among the Sophomores during this time, it is well known that each is vying for an ultimately limited number of spots and must thus outshine the others in the eyes of the upperclassmen club members in order to be accepted.

bicker (v) 1: To prostrate oneself before the members of one of Princeton’s selective Eating Clubs, for the purpose of gaining admission. Bickering typically involves extensive interaction with club members in an attempt to impress them, along with a willingness to submit to various hazing rituals. To do so, the goal of moving up the social hierarchy must be held as a higher priority than dignity.

bicker (v) 2: To examine potential future members of an exclusive Eating Club in order to decide whether to grant them admission. Typically used to describe individual interactions between a club member and a Sophomore.
Noun: "Bicker starts on Sunday."

Verb 1: "I bickered Cottage but I got hosed."

Verb 2: "Preston bickered him yesterday; he thought he was too bourgeois."
by Tiger February 17, 2004
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Online service connecting beautiful people to other beautiful people. Occaisionally an unaccepted ugly will incorrectly define the wonder that is lipstickparty.
Eye saw U on ehl ess pee!
by Tiger January 20, 2004
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