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see boojie
Stupid, dumb. Comes from combining the words Ghetto and Bourgoisie. Can mean "uppity." Used by people from St. Louis.
Wine in a box is boojy.
Your mom wont let you go out? That's boojy.
by Jody October 11, 2004
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Adjective, "Boo-J-y"
Rundown and unappreciated, typically associated with rural areas but can be used to describe anything of poor value or poor function.
Cool- "Dude this Boojy ass store doesn't even have redbull, what kind of shit is that?"

Lame-"Hey man wanna look at my new watch?"
Cool- "Dude get your boogy ass watch out my face."
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Meaning: bootleg, disliked, or corny.
Comment:many Os can be inserted between the B and the J to add more felling o the insult.
Joe your black and white TV is boojies.

Yo that man is selling boojies movies.
by Mdemon9991 August 24, 2004
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Mostly used by people from St. Louis when something is uncool, stupid, not right/fair, or crazy
1. I cant believe the bus driver gave up assigned seats...thats boojy
2. My life is boojy...there aint nothin happin'
by Gen. September 08, 2005
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(adj.) mainly used by high schoolers in the St. Louis area, used to express dislike of something; used to describe something that is stupid, retarded, dumb, bad, whack, usually interchangable with 'janky'
1.) That test was boojy.
2.) I can't believe she is wearing that boojy dress.
3.) That cheeseburger tasted boojy.
by Yoffman October 14, 2008
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The brief melodious recitation in Cape Town of Quranic verses in-between the 10 units of prayer during the nights of the muslim holy month of Ramadan
The boojies sounded beautiful.
by proudly capetonian June 23, 2016
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