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Stupid, dumb. Comes from combining the words Ghetto and Bourgoisie. Can mean "uppity." Used by people from St. Louis.
Wine in a box is boojy.
Your mom wont let you go out? That's boojy.
by Jody October 11, 2004
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Mostly used by people from St. Louis when something is uncool, stupid, not right/fair, or crazy
1. I cant believe the bus driver gave up assigned seats...thats boojy
2. My life is boojy...there aint nothin happin'
by Gen. September 8, 2005
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(adj.) mainly used by high schoolers in the St. Louis area, used to express dislike of something; used to describe something that is stupid, retarded, dumb, bad, whack, usually interchangable with 'janky'
1.) That test was boojy.
2.) I can't believe she is wearing that boojy dress.
3.) That cheeseburger tasted boojy.
by Yoffman October 14, 2008
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See also bougie. No, it does not mean wealthy upper class. It is derived from bourgeois. It means "middle class" who aspire to be upper class by their conspicuous display of materialism done solely as to please and fool the nobodies.
There goes that boojie bitch again with her LV purse but she can barely meet this month's car note.
by Ewoksinn June 10, 2018
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From the French term Bourgeois, which means middle class, assuming everyone else is from the lower class. Materialistic.
My sister's new boyfriend thinks she's booji just because she lives in Marin County, but she's keepin' it real tho!
by marincityhoochie September 29, 2004
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Fancy. Derived from French word, bourgeoisie, which means middle class. They were never content on being the middle class and strived for the best...the upper FANCY class.

Therefore...Boojie = fancy or wannabe fancy. (Depends on what or who it is aimed at).
Ex:* Sees a girl with knee-high fur leather boots*
"Dang girl, you boojie!"

Ex: Dude #1: "I CANNOT eat chicken wings with my fingers."

Dude #2: " Well look at you Mr.Boojie!"
by Naughtynati April 21, 2011
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Describing something or someone that tries to be classy or imitates class but fails.
Boojie (or Boojee): Designer clothes with stains, sushi from the gas station, anything gold "plated" instead of actually being gold, nice cars ruined by having spinner rims, boob job scars, gifting cheap wine, cubic zirconia engagement rings, Russell Stover chocolates, imitation crab, and people who won the lottery and suddenly think they have class even though they will be broke within a year. Also hookers and strippers who think they are classy because they make money and get attention when they're young and naked but nobody will care when they're old and they should really go to college instead of buying Prada and BMWs.
by lilylalala January 30, 2015
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