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Historically linked with prostitution, Banbury is now the UK's capital for people in wheelchairs, eastern european immigrants and young (read underage) mothers. Once the proud owner of its very own Gropecunt Lane (until 1410, now known as Parsons Lane) Banbury proudly continues the British traditions of single mothers and alcoholism.
Banbury is the Las Vegas of the UK. If you are blind and deaf. And retarded and with AIDS. (Which is likely if you are in Banbury)
by Tiders-the-Halfy September 20, 2009
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Any place in the world which features an alarming ratio of scum to normal people. Much like a beehive, there are swarms of loud, shitty people.
Cambuslang and Banbury are both examples of shit-hives.
by Tiders-the-Halfy September 19, 2009
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A homosexual act involving 3 males from the Glasgow area. 2 queers will find a fellow homo from the glasgow area and lead him down a dark alley. They will then mug him and pentrate him in every possible place. Then they will force the 3rd gay to perform sexual acts on them simoltaneously.
Kieran: Hey Demps, lets go into town and do a Glasgow Tri Gay-Rape on an unsuspecting victim.
Dempsey: That would be most queer. I look forward to touching scortums with yourself and another poof.
by Tiders-The-Halfy September 15, 2009
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