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A money shot where you accidentally blow your load on the other person's face and chest.
2 actors and 1 actress in scene.
Actor #1 blows a load and accidentally squerms on chest and face of actor #2.
Actress #1 says, "Haha! Dick Cheney Shot!"
by Ticonderoga February 24, 2006
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(v) The act of sneakily farting on a pillow before someone goes to sleep. This way, when the person lays their head to go to bed, they smell poo on the pillow. Also known as the flatulent fluff to many of the vocabulary nazis.
Your roommate's coming down the hall about ready to go to bed. Poo pillow him while I go and try to stall him.
by Ticonderoga March 26, 2006
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Ghetto slang for "talks well."
Yo, nigga, Dju hea' dat vocabulary nazi at da 'sembly dis mo'nin? He speak good. He know da deal.
by Ticonderoga March 26, 2006
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A person who purposely uses large words, and speaks very articulate, as a way to out show the people within his surroundings. Usually thinks they're better than everyone else because they use large words that no one has ever heard of. The words are usually learned from their vocabulary book in high school.
Bjorn: "The premise of the antithesis of the conjugation of the multiple sub-components is invalid."
Bjorn's friend: "Bjorn, what the hell are you talking about?! Quit being such a vocabulary nazi!"
by Ticonderoga March 26, 2006
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A word used by vocabulary nazis, meaning the act of fluffing a pillow with flatulence so that the person about to sleep will lay their head down and smell ass.
Man 1 says, "I'm about to go to bed."
Man 2 runs ahead of Man 2 and hits Man 1's pillow with the flatulent fluff.
Man 1 goes to bed and as soon as he puts his head down, he says, "Ewwwww. Why the hell does my pillow smell like ass?!?!"
Man 2 laughs.
by Ticonderoga March 26, 2006
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