4 definitions by Tiberius Lowang

1. to lie, to fabricate information
2. to obliterate, to overwhelm

This word was coined by Tiberius Lowang of Beavercreek, Ohio in 2001. While delivering a speech about Joseph Stalin, he included several video gaming references such as Lowangsburg (Lowang from Shadow Warrior) and Tiberian Sun. Lowang immediately became a symbol of academic cavalierism. To lowangize means to follow Lowang's example of deceiving people and fabricating information.

In 2002, Tiberius Lowang and Bakos de Lowang teamed up to form the Lowang Dynasty in a game called WWII - War of Supremacy. This elite Axis ranking faction started to pulverize the Allied players round after round, securing four top finishes in less than a year. In this sense, lowangize means to dominate the game and overwhelm the Allies like the Lowang Dynasty had been doing.
Dude, I totally lowangized that bio report last night.

I lowangized Maverick in FFA.
by Tiberius Lowang April 12, 2004
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The term "peace outside" is a derivative of "peace out" and "peace", all meaning goodbye. It started in the 1960s when the hippies would bid each other farewell by saying "peace" and "peace out". Decades later, the hardcore rapping community and "AZN Ghettos" find "peace out" to be too moderate and mainstream. Therefore they came up with the alternative phrase "peace outside."

Most Asian Americans say "peace outside" to wrap up Instant Messenging dialogues. It's best for the first person to say "peace" and the second person to follow up with "outside" as a gesture of AZN coolness.

The Spanish equivalent of "peace outside" is "paz afuera."
A: I gtg, peace
B: outside
by Tiberius Lowang April 11, 2004
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Lo Wang is the main character of the video game Shadow Warrior, released by 3D Realms on May 13, 1997. The game was based on a modified version of the Build 3D engine, which was also used in the more popular 3D Realms title Duke Nukem 3D.

One of the more notable features of this game is Lo Wang's continual barrage of antisocial, racist, sexist in-game remarks intended to be humorous. In addition, Shadow Warrior was incredibly violent and gory (as was typical of first-person shooters of the time), and as a result, it has been frequently cited as one of the most offensive widely-released computer games of all time.

In Beavercreek, Ohio, the Lowangist school of thought refers to the radical philosophical belief that the existing social order is irreversibly flawed and a small group of opportunistic social elites possesses sufficient power to supplant the established cultural standards via deception and intrigue. Its founder, Tiberius Lowang, identified the movement's principles with the antisocial behavior exhibited by Lo Wang in the video game.
I bow before the greatness of German General Tiberius Lowang.
by Tiberius Lowang March 28, 2005
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The process of deliberately warning a screen name on AOL Instant Messenger to 100%.

The first major operation of AIM mobocracy began in Christmas 2001, when the Warriorzhaoyun brothers stole all of Bakos de Lowang’s screen names in two days and warned them all to 100%. This attack galvanized the dawn of a new era.

Organized Warnfest officially began in June 2002, when the Taiwanger brothers allied with at least seven other people to warn unsuspicious people online. It was known as Warnfest 2k2. 37 screen names eventually fell victim to the movement. Other notable participants include Jackichen007, Tsaoweihan brothers, Surgeman721, Karolynius, and Italian General Bakos de Lowang. Tiberius Lowang initially fought against Warnfest 2k2 alone and scored several hits against its members. Two months later, Tiberius was invited to join this group and contributed to the war effort.

Warnfest 2k2 fell apart in November 2002, when HumanPeople from Centerville used Jackiechen to warn several Warnfest members. Active members such as Bakos de Lowang, Tsaoweihan, IndependentBoy, Sixsages, and Tiberius Lowang broke off from the group and established a separate alliance. War ensued. The new group, equipped with better cloning programs, soundly defeated the original Warnfest 2k2 group by warning most of their screen names to 100%. As a result, two different groups laid claim to the title of Warnfest 2k3 after New Year’s Day of 2003. Reconciliation of the two groups did not occur until April 2003. Tiberius Lowang was the most active member this year and scored 24 hits alone. The highlight of this war was the February Offensive, when Tiberius warned Karolynius with Talwanger, Taiwanger with Karolynnius, and Surgeman721 himself with Surgemen721.

Another interesting event of this period was the attack against academia. Two warnfestors got Ahrnsjj to 80% by pretending to be three of his former students. A state of war still exists between him and the warnfestors responsible for this attack.

Operation Bandar was the highlight of Warnfest2k3. Italian General Bakos de Lowang and German General Tiberius Lowang (the names were different back then because these two did not play War until late August of 2003) spent three months in an attempt to steal Surgeman721’s screen name. The first attempt ended miserably. On July 22, 2003, Bakos de Lowang tried again and successfully changed the screen name-affiliated email addresses at the victim’s house. Tiberius Lowang then proceeded to commandeer all of Surgeman721’s screen names. Most of these were returned after school began, but some were permanently lost during the transaction. During this time, Bakos de Lowang was attacked again and lost all of his screen names, prematurely ending his Warnfest career for the year.

Warnfest 2k4 started auspiciously with the New Year’s Offensive in which Tiberius Lowang warned up five screen names just by saying “happy new year” and engaging in a random conversation. Starting early February, Tiberius Lowang launched Operation Mordor, a sustained attack against Arganduril6 and all of his other screen names. The attack was successful and his warning level stayed above 50% for five days. A state of war still exists between the two as of April 12, 2004.
I warnfested Steve Salley this morning, he had no idea what hit him.
by Tiberius Lowang April 12, 2004
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