Awesome FPS about ninja warrior Lo Wang. Brought to you by the good folks of 3D Realms, the same company that made Duke Nukem 3D so you can expect three things: Guns, Tits and Thrash-Talking.
Hey 3D Realms! Ditch Duke Nukem Forever and do a sequel for Shadow Warrior instead!
by kalle henderson April 2, 2007
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Someone so ugly, that the only way they're not scary as hell, is in the dark, where they can't be seen.
Guy1: Did you see that bitch Sandi?
Guy2: Dear lord yes, she's a Shadow Warrior, for sure!
by Swinga December 7, 2008
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the inhabitents of the deep jungle, any jungle, where the shadows are darker then a thousand midnights, the shadow warriors come to call and steal things like car stereos or bikes in order to exchange them to the all mighty shadow master, to whcih they are all PAWNs, for cash to buy crack or 40s.
Those damn shadow warriors stole my cd player. I bet their krunk as hell by now.
by ass factor September 6, 2006
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Someone who hides their dick in the shadows during sex because of it’s embarrassing small size.
“Damn Eugene, how has she not dumped you with that micro penis
“Don’t worry, she hasn’t seen it, I’m a shadow warrior
by Veisnsnka July 26, 2022
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