1. to lie, to fabricate information
2. to obliterate, to overwhelm

This word was coined by Tiberius Lowang of Beavercreek, Ohio in 2001. While delivering a speech about Joseph Stalin, he included several video gaming references such as Lowangsburg (Lowang from Shadow Warrior) and Tiberian Sun. Lowang immediately became a symbol of academic cavalierism. To lowangize means to follow Lowang's example of deceiving people and fabricating information.

In 2002, Tiberius Lowang and Bakos de Lowang teamed up to form the Lowang Dynasty in a game called WWII - War of Supremacy. This elite Axis ranking faction started to pulverize the Allied players round after round, securing four top finishes in less than a year. In this sense, lowangize means to dominate the game and overwhelm the Allies like the Lowang Dynasty had been doing.
Dude, I totally lowangized that bio report last night.

I lowangized Maverick in FFA.
by Tiberius Lowang April 12, 2004
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Lo Wang is the main character of the video game Shadow Warrior, released by 3D Realms on May 13, 1997. The game was based on a modified version of the Build 3D engine, which was also used in the more popular 3D Realms title Duke Nukem 3D.

One of the more notable features of this game is Lo Wang's continual barrage of antisocial, racist, sexist in-game remarks intended to be humorous. In addition, Shadow Warrior was incredibly violent and gory (as was typical of first-person shooters of the time), and as a result, it has been frequently cited as one of the most offensive widely-released computer games of all time.

In Beavercreek, Ohio, the Lowangist school of thought refers to the radical philosophical belief that the existing social order is irreversibly flawed and a small group of opportunistic social elites possesses sufficient power to supplant the established cultural standards via deception and intrigue. Its founder, Tiberius Lowang, identified the movement's principles with the antisocial behavior exhibited by Lo Wang in the video game.
I bow before the greatness of German General Tiberius Lowang.
by Tiberius Lowang March 28, 2005
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