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What annoying people use instead of www.

SEE "triple dub"
"Go to this site for me - dubdubdub-dot-loud-ass-bitches-dot-com."
by Thoren_NA August 17, 2005

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When a person, place or situation radiates homosexuality
Q: "I'm going to the paint store - what colors should I get?"

A: "Tell them you're looking for ambient faggotry throughout your house."
by Thoren_NA April 28, 2005

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A girl of loose morals, somewhat less trampy than a stripper but wilder than your average catholic schoolgirl.
guy1: "Dude, this place is filled with smokin hotties."

guy2: "Yeah, but they're all lesser sluts. Let's go to the strip club."
by Thoren_NA July 19, 2005

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The central person in a group of friends or co-workers whom decisions for going out to eat revolve around, and without whom no decision can be reached.
Paul is the lunchpin of our team -- if he doesn't choose what restaurant we're going to, we won't go anywhere.
by Thoren_NA April 13, 2010

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Something that explains a complex action, item, or situation, that sounds *JUST* the right mix of actual science and incomprehensible technical jargon.
I don't understand Bitcoins, but after hearing your plausibabble explanation, I guess they're legit.
by Thoren_NA December 23, 2014

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a SQL "Query Connection" shortened to save time. Any further meaning just means your mind is in the gutter.
"Hey Jake, take a look at my querections, and let me know if they place too much load on the server."
by Thoren_NA December 22, 2005

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