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A shot, munition of series of munitions loosed at friendly troops by American fighter pilots totally wired on amphetamins and/or combat drugs (taken to keep them awake on 16 hour sorties). Also applies to American AA bateries, Artillery and Gung-ho Conscripts fullfilling their Rambo fantasies.
BBC Newscaster John Simson's Khurdish interpreter was killed by a Stray Bullet (rocket attack)

A Canadian Mechanised infantry battalion took a Stray Bullet (Rockets and lazer guided bombs) in Iraq

Steve was on Hamburger Hill, he caught a Stray Bullet (Miniguns, Napalm and artillery)
by Thomas of Bristol March 8, 2004
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Traditional English game, involving coins. First played c.2004 in the Junior Common Room. The anecdote of its creation proceeds that co-founders Tom and Tom found themselves possesed of free time but without cards, dice, conversation or GameCube with which to ease its passing. This situation being clearly intractable they proceeded to devise an intricate contest of dexterity, visual accuity and judgement now known as coining. Think monkey target but on a coffee table with coins of varying sizes instead of monkies and the target drawn on with pencils. From the humble beginings of "this coin from the edge of that table onto this spot. Betcha can't! WAHEY 500 points!!!" the game grew to "we should have a restart line, overshoot divot and incrementaly splayed draw-decider". Shots at target have developed from the simple 'lay-on-the-edge-and smack' through the 'flick', 'push' and 'slide' to the dizzy heights of the 'index bowl' the 'asp' and the 'whipcrack-slide'.

A system of progressive coining is currently in developement and may debue soon. Until then, if you play this game remember. 1, only 3 coins. 2, one player is heads and the other tails (this game is for two). 3, Don't abuse the coin muppet (its not big and its not clever) hius role is a dignified position without which the game would disolve into edge disputes
TOM: "Might I join you for a spot of Coining dear fellow?"

TOM: "Be my guest, the Coining tourney is but a few sandglasses away and my whipcrack needs the practice. MUPPET!! Your services are required forthwith!!"
by Thomas of Bristol March 8, 2004
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