4 definitions by Therealdingleberryjerry

What happens while taking a monstrously huge dump that hurts your asshole so bad it is as if you are being mercilessly butt raped by everything you ate yesterday.
Dude, those enchiladas totally food raped me when I was in the shitter 5 minutes ago.
by Therealdingleberryjerry June 15, 2017
When a chick's vajayjay has a faint cheese-like odor that makes you regret trying to go down on her.
Dude, that chick had cheeznatch so bad my choad deflated faster than you could say the word "cheddar."
by Therealdingleberryjerry May 10, 2018
When your scrote gets warm and sticky, adheres to your thigh, and won't peel off without being manually pulled away, like having a thirsty leech on your leg.
Dude, this warm weather is giving me a serious case of leech-sack.
by Therealdingleberryjerry May 10, 2018
Not the cereal. An advanced stage of nut sweating where your balls feel like they are sliding around in your boxers like a pair of skinless grapes.
Dude, I could really use some talcum powder for my case of grape nuts I got going on here.
by Therealdingleberryjerry May 10, 2018