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A Rolfist is a person who attends John Rolfe Middle School in Richmond, Virginia. They are often found online at Geosense and can be easily identified by their obnoxious use of capital letters and use of the word "D3LL". They are hated by everyone who is not a Rolfist. It is scientifically impossible for one to hold an intelligent conversation with a Rolfist.
Rolfist: D3LL UP

Damn Rolfists are running rampant again!
by Theoic April 26, 2009

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Fruddle is a combination of the words "friend" and "cuddle" which occurs between two friends who are not romantically involved but want to cuddle anyway.
"Ben and Joy fruddle every night."

"Are Stacy and Tom together?" "No, they're just fruddling."
by Theoic October 22, 2009

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Consuming large quantities of male ejaculate on a consistent basis.
I hear Carolyn switched over to the Sailor's Diet when she entered college.
by Theoic September 25, 2010

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