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To interrupt your neighbor in an apartment building during a meal/TV program/hookup to come outside with you for a cigarette
"I was romancing the hot brunette on the 3rd floor when my weird neighbor decided to Chang me"
by TheMan1573 November 1, 2019
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A type of binge watching Netflix shows with someone where you watch an episode then break for a smoke or something else then watch another episode and repeat which stretches getting one season in over several days. Name derives from an old joke involving a guy returning late from playing golf and explaining to his wife about a friend's death and "playing through" as they say in golf lingo
"Did you get through season 1 of the Punisher?"

"Naah only on episode 5 I watched with my brother-in-law so it was hit the ball drag Fred...."
by TheMan1573 December 22, 2017
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A toilet destroying shit where you basically just about crap your colon out like dickhead fratboy Richard Bagge after his girlfriend spiked his protein shake with a laxative in the film Van Wilder.
"Oh man after I ate those Queseritos from Taco Bell I totally had a Bagge and my toilet looked like the aftermath of a Godzilla attack!"
by TheMan1573 July 12, 2020
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To rub one out to a conservative media source chiefly Fox News.
"The minute Fox News says Kilary or Pocahantas Cletus immediately has to MAGABate"
by TheMan1573 May 23, 2020
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Facial hair that grows when you are sick with the flu or some other malady that prevents you from shaving
I couldn't shave because of this cold so I've grown a sick beard
by TheMan1573 June 1, 2014
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