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4 definitions by TheJuneKunHater

The same thing as flying colors but not quite as well. Usually when you pass a test with a "B".
"How'd you do on the test bro?"
"Well... I passed with gliding colors."
"What percent tho?"
by TheJuneKunHater May 13, 2020
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The most annoying fucker. Watches anime and never stops screaming Japanese, and singing Japanese songs even though he butchers all of them.
Shut up, June Kun!

June Jun is so annoying when he quotes Naruto.
by TheJuneKunHater September 23, 2018
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The absolute GOAT. Manager of the Tipton Hotel in New York City, he formerly managed the S.S Tipton and the Tipton Hotel in Boston. Played by Phil Lewis a.k.a the best actor to ever grace Disney Channel with his presence (who incidentally killed a girl while being intoxicated in the 1990s). Mr. Moseby is often seen as uptight but in reality, he's incredibly compassionate and caring. He's 5' 6"
"Damn son you lookin' like Mr. Moseby with those knee socks."

"Do you want AM or FM?" demanded Mr. Moseby
by TheJuneKunHater April 7, 2020
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Geology, but with mars.

Comes from the god associated with mars, Ares.
Because Geo means earth, we call geology on mars Aresology.
by TheJuneKunHater November 27, 2018
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